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03 oct 2014

The Inner GPS

In a global context where all our landmarks are challenged, where everything seems to go faster, it seems essential to find (and possibly reshape) our own personal identity.

Stable and unchanged for centuries, reassured by proven models, our identity is presently challenged by innumerable changes, either in sociology (influence of IT in our interactions…), within our families, (redefinition of the basic cell …) or at the level of the financial markets (unstable markets, declining western world, geopolitical balances questioned …).

By identity I include everything that defines us specifically, our own DNA, our skills, our potential, everything that defines our uniqueness, our genius, our “gene –I” ! This is true at the personal and at the organizational level. Uncertainty is part of life process, think about the fecundation process.

Looking for models or landmarks in space, time, and the universe, has always been an interest for mankind, well before writing. Thus, human beings and organisations have always been looking for the best tools to facilitate this orientation process, and move safely and efficiently. To explore new territories, the observation of the stars was helpful, since they were considered as fixed, thus reliable. Still a few years ago, all navigation tools were based on observation of the stars or the variations of the magnetic field.

Today, thanks to the « 3rd revolution » (Michel Serres), human beings and organisations look at their mobile phones, or their inboard GPS computers directly linked to the sky via the satellite network. Physical movement has never been so easy, and our planet has never been so small !

However, the last continent to be explored is the human potential. Numerous scientific works all underline we would use only 10 % of the brain capacties. Our XXIst century sapiens still seems eager to explore himself, his own identity, but our IT tools are not a turnkey solution yet.

There is no GPS to thrive on our own way…


How can we possibly take landmarks and choose the right orientation whenever everything keeps changing around ? Revealing our identity, coaching is a tool that allows everyone to find his/her identity again, find landmarks, change for the best, thanks to a step back towards installed habits of our “autopilot”. Coaching comes from Czech word « kotcher » : drive, give a direction.

Imagine « coaching » was a kind of inner GPS ? A sort of « Global Positionning System », inner and personal, head, body, heart, to move with more « agility » together.

Who am I ? Where am I going to ? What are my key success factors to my new destination ? What should I bring with me ? How can I prepare myself ? Who are my potentiel allies ? … as many questions on my dashboard !

Everything is not perceptible yet… The landscape is wider than the windscreen … think about activating your inner GPS ® !


Isabelle Bouvier Chappaz

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