Our methodology :
the inner GPS ®

When all your landmarks are shifting and are not be landmarks anymore, it becomes essential to adjust your own professional identity that of your teams and of your organization, regularly.

A registered result oriented process

The « inner GPS» ®, is a specific unique registered method that allows a professional, an organization or a team, to create its own landmarks, to reset the parameters of its compass, in order to find its direction, its professional identity and reach its professional aspiration, in a challenging context.

To adjust a professional identity

The « inner GPS» ®, allows a professional, an organization or a team, to find innovative answers regarding their strategic positioning as well as professional attitude:
– To become conscious of your current professional positioning and to put it in perspective and be forward thinking

– To rectify it according to a desired destination or specific targets,

– To detect, to identify and to develop your talents as well as those of your teams,

– To redefine yourself, both in your intentions and in your choices

Is it possible to remain the same when everything is moving and changing around you ?

Our method allows to respond to the 3 types of crisis that every professionals, organization and teams are facing in order to ensure the continued existence and the enduring success of a company :

– An unexpected crossroads that generates professional stress or conflicts, that creates imbalance, resistance to change and the inability to be at the level required.

– At a chosen turning point which upsets the balance of an individual or collective identity

– A conscious quest by an individual or an organization in search for a deeper fulfillment.


The « Inner GPS » ® a method in 4 steps…

This registered method in 4 stages, allows professional, organization or teams, to create its own marks, of reset its compass, to find direction and reach professional aspiration, in a challenging professional context.

1 – Analysing of the starting point

• Become conscious of your current situation – Self positioning
• To put in perspective and to confront it with the eyes of the expert

2 – Determining of the new desired destination

• To put it in prospective : transform your problems into targets
• To determine a schedule

3 – Choice of the GPS options

• We design together the path of the road that leads to your destination
• Assessment of the means needed and feasibility
• Determination of the success indicators

4 – Piloting and have the prototype being run in

• You implement the prototype
• We tailor and adjust the prototype all along the coaching sessions and the interval together
• Staging point assessment and final assessment

A tailor made solution

We determine together a strategy which suits you best after analyzing your specific situation on three levels:
• The amount of time available : crisis situation, immediately or not …
• The degree of implication you will have in the expected answer
• Your level of expertise on the concerned subjects (classified on a scale from 1 to 7).

We give you a tailor-made solution by combining: advice, training, coaching, workshops and co-development.

Transform your teams in the nuggets of gold of your organization.

Our involvement allows our client to give the best of themselves and to achieve the highest level of performance.

The professional and the teams are empowered, their personality and their unrealized talents are revealed, the skills and strength are stimulated, the motivation, joy at work and commitment are increased and finally change becomes an opportunity instead of a risk.

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