Our vision

Our vocation

Transform and Shape the performance of your Human Capital

Our passion consist in helping your people to adapt and adjust to changes in a rapidly moving world, yet being able to achieve a high level of performance, helping them to be the best they can be.

Thus, transforming them into nuggets of gold in your organization

This experience will not only reinforce their sense of fulfillment but create a high level of motivation for your team, enabling them to be dynamic and nimble and enhance the overall performance of the organization.

This is achieved by applying an effective and humanistic process that combines insights and advice, training as well as personal and collective coaching.

Our vision

Being transform with the times – Having the Spruce attitude ®

Our expertise is to teach people to adapt to change and to embrace it,
to transform change into an opportunity for growth.

This requires developing a mindset, which can be learned. An attitude of being nimble and flexible and yet remaing robust and enthusiastic which are keys to great performance.

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More than ever, organizations need enlightened managers, leaders who are able to question themselves, to recreate themselves, to give meaning and to develop the nimbleness of their teams in order to be able to innovate and to excel.

We pass on to your teams the keys of the nimbleness
– to know oneself and to be able to develop your own nugget,
– to recognize the value of each of your people and be able to develop the nugget of your team,
– to be able to find a way in the fog and to pilot at sight …

Our values

In a world where change seems to be constant and rapid, where new innovations are constantly taking place, a company and its people has no other choice but to keep pace with change and reinvent itself, or be left behind and to die.

At les Ateliers du devenir, our values are based on the belief that a company is
a living system, that needs to constantly evolve and grow when facing challenges.

There are five values that are critical in the shaping of a dynamic, innovative
and successful company :

1. The pursuit of excellence – to aim towards excellence not only it’s goal and the
results obtained but excellence as well in the relationship among it’s people and
their working relationships.

2. Transparency & Courage : To have the courage to question what should be questioned in your environment and any underlying signals. Having a transparent working environment is critical to growth, as it will help to keep the right balance between what you need to keep, and what needs to be discard. Transparency gives clarity to key issues that needs to be addressed, therefore allowing opportunities to innovate, to evolve and to grow.

3. Trust and co-operation : Inspiring and building trust is crucial for creating long lasting success with your teams, shareholders, partners and customers.

4. Empowerment : To give not only the responsibility for great performance, but to couple this with autonomy and support to enable success. Set your people up to succeed. It is only after someone or a team has found its true talent that oneself or an organization can shine and innovate out off the beaten track, attract and retain the nuggets that correspond to it…

5. Nimbleness : To be nimble is to be flexible and quick to respond to changes.
This allows opportunities to be seized and transformed into achievements. To do things that you have never done.

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