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Isabelle Bouvier-Chappaz

Professional coach certified “Accreditated Coach Training Program” – ACTP at International Mozaik, I coach organizations, managers, General managers, leaders and teams in their willingness to find meaning, direction and vision to the pursuit of a high performance level and success and in the definition of their HR and corporate governance strategy.

I adopt a nimble systemic and humanist approach based on the individual needs of my customers that combines, consultation, advice, training and individual and collective coaching.

During a 17 years career in Human Resources and development, I have managed and coordinated the transformation of some complex organizations of different size, culture as
well as nationalities.

Having experience of being on the Executive Management Committee as well as experience as a coach, has influenced me in developing a complete, holistic, pragmatic approach and efficient which is registered and termed Inner GPS ®, that is fully adapted to the complexity of any culture or size of organization.

Coming from a multidisciplinary background with initial training in Law – BA in University, in Science and Technical of Communication – BA in of Communication 4 years and in Human resources – Master’s degree in the French business schools Institut d’Administration des Entreprises – I.A.E. of Grenoble, I have a 360 ° view of the situations and the issues of my customers.




I also work in network with several partners one of whom is a leading business consultancy company, Ressources and Pedagogie. I am also an active member of the French National HR Director Association – ANDRH and the International Coach Federation, ICF .

Finally, my practice leans widely on the following certifications MBTI ® – Myers Brigs Type Indicator, PAPI ® – preference and Inventory at Work, « Effective Selection » ®, Transactional Analysis® and Neuro-linguistic programming ®.

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